so I've just finished packing for 10 months, and oh my god I thought it would never end, but fortunately it has. I'm eternally grateful to be finished after 5 days of running around my house pulling out clothes, extra toiletries, art supplies, etc. and making list after list of reminders. Today I stuffed them all into my apple green suitcase and one other little one with much frustration and back pain. Then I measured them on the bathroom scale and they are both, thank goodness, under 50 lbs. If they get lost I'm screwed because they hold basically all the clothes I own, and I'll be wearing the same two outfits for the days it takes them to find and ship it. Not to mention the fact that the little one only has coats basically, so if just one gets lost it better be the little one. Now that the packing part of my preparations is over I don't know what to do with myself! Maybe I'll go eat a hot dog or a hamburger to prepare for leaving the US...
A bientot


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