20 days and counting!

We had the party on Sunday. It was a great success, I'm only sorry that a few people couldn't make it! Am taking a break from thank you notes and sticker-ing up my new planner (thanks Megan!). Also packing for my up-coming trip to Colorado with friends. I got these great vintage, only used once, green suitcases, a two-suitcase matching set when we went to truth or consequences last fall, and I haven't had a chance to use those yet so it should be exciting, though I'm only taking one. Oh, I'm also seriously considering going to Prep for the first day of school, as I don't leave until the next day, though I won't have any classes to go to so I'll have to tag along with my friends. we'll see. anyway thats all my exciting news, wow I do live the high life, thank-you notes and project runway in one day phew, so much excitement. more later, a bientot!


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