wow its finally here, and I barely know what to do with my self! I've been wanting this for so long, probably about 7 years and now that the time has arrived I feel so out of the moment and out of my body; almost like looking in at the preparations, detached. Well, the preparations are innumerable: Packing, repacking, writing down addresses and phone numbers, and email addresses, visiting friends/family, saying goodbye to the library where I volunteered this summer, planning sleepovers, calls, making cake and pie (mmm), copying recipes and emptying my camera, etc. etc. etc. Things to do keep popping into my head and then I write them down (or forget them!) but I'm making progress. Oh not to mention the fact that tomorrow is my mom's birthday, and my dad's birthday is four days after I leave, so we're planning several birthday bash events, but finding/wrapping gifts is very difficult when the gift receivers don't want to leave for a minute.
Tonight: Tacos! I'm trying to pack in as much new mexican food and chile as I can before I leave. I don't know how I'll survive 10 months without any chili sauce, which is the staple food of my life, along with bread and milk. Tomorrow we are celebrating at the Shed so yay for red chile sauce on blue corn cheese flat enchiladas!!!
I have more journals than I know what to do with, so I guess that means I have to crack down and keep a written log of events this year (can I do it: probably not, but I'll try). Thanks to everyone who gave me a journal Perhaps, thanks to you, I will be able to learn some actual discipline in the art of journal keeping.
Oh, for all those who are reading this and in Nuevo Mexico, my friend, Shanny, just sent me this quote in an email and I love it so I'm going to post it here, sorry if you're not in NM, hang tight ;D..."Poor New Mexico, so far from heaven, so close to Texas..." haha, its perfect, thank you Shanny.
Now on to more news of France. I'll be arriving in France on Friday, and starting school on Monday, not a lot of transition time, but I guess that's nice in a way; I won't have time to let the anxieties build about my language skills, or lack there of. I know next to nothing about my school, or schedule except that it is Catholic and . . . well, that's it. Wish me luck! I know I'll need it.
A bientot,
e a la france


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