Un Mois (1 month)

Now that it is officially less than a month until I leave, I thought I would post something about the last few weeks. I now have a student visa; got rejected once because, of the 25 documents and their copies we sent to LA, we missed one on the never ending list! (ugh, frustrated sigh, ... bureaucracy). Well now that that's over and done with I have everything I need,
  1. Adapters
  2. Cell phone info (I have decided to get a cheap on-the-go phone once I get there)
  3. Skype (?)
  4. Umbrella (not needed here in the desert)
  5. Packing list (harder than you'd think, 10 months is a long time, but you can't bring too much)
  6. a shiny gold debit card
  7. and much, much more!
I've been looking for gifts for my host family I have most of them, I really just need one more, but I won't give any specifics here until I have given them out. It seems the closer Aug. 25 gets, the less real this all seems, crazy I know, maybe I've been watching too many twilight zone re-runs!?