This is an old story from the first full week of school, but I hadn't had a chance to add it here until now, and I think it's interesting enough

I got lost, on monday, because Thomas had English so I went to the study hall room and read for an hour then went to the room in which I thought we had math, but after a while waiting outside I didn't see anyone I knew, so I went outside, going to go to the other part of the building and see if I wrote the room number down wrong, but on the way out I saw the math teacher so I turned around and saw her go into the room I thought I was supposed to be having math in, but nobody in the room looked familiar, so instead I did go over to the new building, but because I'd delayed so much everyone was in class, with no one anywhere in sight and all the doors were shut, so I went to the French room were I thought I would be next but didn't here voices and the door was closed, so instead of knocking, I went back to the other side of campus and asked the math teacher if that was the right calss, well no, that was a senior class that I had interupted (oops!) but she was very nice and helped me find this other teacher who had the list of classes and was on duty in the office, and he told me that really I had French, where? in the room where I had just been standing outside of 5 minutes before but was too afraid to knock on (its very intimidating, because everyone waits in the hall for the teacher then stands until the teacher is ready then says for us to sit and she/he has closed the door when they came in so it was me in a corridor of closed doors with not a soul in sight and it was scary and I couldn't knock!) so anyway this teacher and I are crossing the campus and there is Thomas hurrying toward me like where were you I was waiting, and waiting and after ten minutes it was like where's Emma, I dunno better go find her! Well anyway then I was saved. Luckily the class I was ten minutes late to was going through to have individual photos taken so I didn't miss anything.


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