TGIF! though this I believe is the last TGIF for me for quite some time because as of next week I will have a monstrous exam every Saturday. Today it was warmer here which was nice, as I am almost always a little chilled. This being Friday we ate lunch in town today, though not at the Friterie, but at the little bakery I'd heard about earlier. I had a ham and cheese sandwich with butter instead of mayonnaise, as is the French tradition, on a baguette. It was very good! However, I didn't try one of the numerous tantalizing pastries that lined the display case. Maybe next week I'll try an eclair, of the chocolate variety, though they had coffee too. They also had raspberry, strawberry, lemon, and mixed fruit tarts in individual and full size. Opera cake, lemon cake, and a sort of chocolate cake with berries on top. Then there were the chaussons aux pommes, the palmiers, brioches, and the eclairs. Also, there were many pastries that I think were profiteroles, with all manner of fillings. mmmmhhh!!!
On a different food note, last night I tried Roquefort cheese. While not super exotic, its very French, and very smelly. It reminded me of blue cheese, which I don't really like. Though I didn't love the cheese, I didn't hate it either; I think I just sort of appreciated it for everyhting its worth.
a bientot,


Leslie said...

Why have you resisted the beau pasteries? Don't want to appear too much of a glutton? Or spacing out your pleasures, perhaps...proverbial kid in a patisieres...what a feast and how delicious you make it sound. I think it great you are trying foods out of your normal sphere...what's next? Snails, perhaps! Love reading your blog...each so interesting...ttfn (btw..this is d.)

E a la France said...

I've had snails on several occasions, so I don't really need to try them per say. Oh and the main reason I resisted is because today is the first day I've been able to get to a cash machine for petty cash, so my family has insisted on paying for all the little stuff, though I intend to pay them back, plus did I not make clear the fact that the sandwich, was a baguette!? (as in an entire baguette)

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