Photos! (the didn't upload on the right order so it may jump around a bit, sorry)

The official easter cake, with a nest of coffee frosting on top
The official cake of Marchiennes, called 'Le Marchiennois'
A box of pastries for easter, two coffee eclairs, a chausson aux pommes (puff pastry filled with apple, like an apple turnover), a Merveilleux ('marvelous' marangue and chocolate mousse layers covered with chocolate shavings and powdered sugar)
Easter choclate
One for each of us
The Hotel de Ville in Marchiennes
A bicycle, how very french
The main square of Marchiennes
One of the two Bakeries
The top of the abbey as seen over the top of the roofs of typical Marchiennes houses
a view of fields and a farm house
The city limits of Marchiennes
An old farm
A sign on a garage door
A government building next to the Hotel de Ville
The original water pump from when the house was a farm, out in the inner courtyard
The birds in the bird nest in the pump in the inner courtyard
Brunette on the grass, freshly mowed
The table for the first bbq of the season
A nice dinner, the toasts (see below), fresh strawberries from a local farm, and a salad
Grilled toasts with Camembert and honey
A typical dinner spread
A Cafe just off the port, Le Havre
The Carousel at Le Havre
My and Sarah's feet over the water in the port
The main street in Le Havre that encircles the port.
More cool buildings
The port
Another angle of the port with a view of the carousel
More cool buildings in Le Havre
The big hotel where all the celebrities stay during the film festival at Deauville.
My feet in the sand in front of the boardwalk at Deauville, (yay ocean!)
The Normanday sea (Norman?)
A house in the village on Mt-St-Michel in the traditional Normandy style (with the planks that show).
Another house in the traditional style, with the original windows and displaying the crest on the drawbridge.
A view of the moor that encircles the mount at low tide (I think its a moor? perhaps not....)
The main pathway up the mountain
The "King's Door" or drawbridge at the entrance to the village.
La Mere Poulard, the famous restaurant, with the famous omlettes that we didn't eat.
The same turret from inside the village (though you may be reading these backwards in which case the turret in the picture below).
Le Mont-St.-Michel, the abbey.
A turret and a french flag in front of some of the houses and official buildings on the mount
The mountain from a far.
Almost there....
The Famous cliffs of Etretat.
This is from inside a cave.

Me in front of a cliff, with hotels in the background and up on the hill there is a little church in the traditional stone and tile roof style that is common here, though not the famous Normandy architecture that is purely regional.
Me in front of the other side of the beach (it makes a u shape with cliffs at either end and the town in the middle facing the ocean).
A very picturesque boat.


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