Really late pictures

The London Eye, the world's largest ferris wheel
a famous red telephone booth, catty-corner from St. Paul's Catherdral (not pictured)
Buckingham Palace
Westminster Abbey
A formidable lion standing guard next at the edge of the walk in front of the Aquarium, also where the Eye is, which you can see in the background, and in front of the Bridge you would take to get to Big ben (thought thats on the other side of the Thames). Also, its across from the famous mental hospital, Bethlem Royal Hospital, from which we get the word bedlam.
Big Ben
The Union Jack
Tower Bridge
Le Louvre
Le Louvre again
Christian Louboutin's flagship boutique
View from La Tour Eiffel
Second view from La Tour

Here are a few pictures from London, and some from our class trip to Paris, I'm sorry they're so late.


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