I'm sick, and I'm whining, and tired, and its cold here, but my oatmeal cookies were a hit!

Alas, I still haven't had a chance to type up that other entry I wrote I have so much to say that I think I'll just let it wait until Saturday, when I have no school. As the title of this blog clearly states my sniffles, which have been here as long as I have, I think mostly due to the chilly air here, have turned into a cold over night and I feel like an anvil has been dropped on my head. Today sucked because of that, and I should perhaps not be writing blog entries right now considering I'm feeling very self-pitying, but oh well. I just feel like whining to some one and you are it my friends! Well today didn't suck completely as we ate in town today, a whole day early. I love eating in town, and I love the bakery where we buy sandwiches when we eat in town. Today I finally had a chance to try the curried chicken sandwich, and *oh_my_god*: its fabulous! I hadn't tried it before for two reasons it was either sold out, or I was too afraid I'd pronounce curry wrong in French that I ordered the one with mayonnaise instead. well today amidst my physical anguish and unending snot I was too tired and stuffed up to give a good damn whether or not I pronounced it perfectly or with a horrid american accent so I ordered it and it was glorious. I also ordered a Tartlette au sucre, of which I will try to secure a picture by means of Google images as its very hard to explain. It is basically a flat disc of bread-like pastry covered with a sticky, creamy, sugar based filling and some actual sugar on top. Kind of like a cinnamon bun only with sugar instead of cinnamon. It very good needless to say, and I was quite proud of my ordering skills while I devoured my goodies in the park. If I pull it together and go to school tomorrow, I hope we eat in town again, and if we do I make take the opportunity to try the quiche a l'oignon, and the little orange chocolate cakes which are perfectly proportioned for one's lunch time indulgence. The other reason today was good was the fact that my oatmeal cookies were a smashing hit! I made 17 yesterday, without raisins, as I detest oatmeal cookies befouled by the hideousness of gushy, savory, brown raisins! Blah. And its a good thing too, as Thomas doesn't like them either, and he was the chief partaker in my baking frenzy. Well, between yesterday afternoon and today the five of us ate all 17 cookies, yum, yum. And as if all that isn't enough to cheer a sick, and whining lump of mucus, then there's also the fact that I got a 10.5 on my economics test, which is a far sight better than a 3.5. It might even be called respectable. I was so proud of myself for this achievement that I almost didn't care that the English teacher gave me only 16.5 on his test, when I'm convinced he made errors in correcting it, and I deserve at least an 18.
Well that's all I've got, wish me luck on getting out of bed tomorrow, as it may or may not happen. I'll feel terrible if I stay home because Sarah and Thomas have had little colds for a week or more, and have gone to school anyway. I've only just gotten mine, but while I'd never presume to tell them how they feel, I think their colds are simply squeezing them between two huge walls of steel like some Indiana Jones movie, and I'm over here in Looney Toons Town, and the piano rope split right as I stepped out into the street, and now I'm flat as pancake. We shall see, I don't want to get the sickly complainer label, but I think I may have to sleep it off tomorrow.
a bientot,


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