Today I sent my host family an email. I eagerly await their reply. I found the official tourism website of the town Marchiennes. The site is in French so for those of you who can understand click the first link, for all you folks who can't (I had had to translate for maximum comprehension) I've translated it so choose the second link.
-e a la france
p.s. I found out its not in Normandy (my dad was wrong) it is in the region called Nord-Pas-de-Calais


mason said...

nice blog...all the cool kids drive standard

E a la France said...

hey you're my first commenter...congrats! not much of a blog yet, but I have hopes. I know, I want to learn so badly but my mom has done her best to sabotage me and make me wait until I get back. and the sick and twisted part of this whole affair is that she was the one who wanted me to learn in the first place, before I was driving at all.

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